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You May Not Be Able To Outrun A Bad Diet, But…

My thinking has evolved a little bit on the topic of not being able to outrun a bad diet. I would concede, taking into account varying degrees of the definition of “bad” of course, that you cannot outrun bad diet – God knows I’d tried.  Even so, I still won’t accept as Gospel the notion that the ratio of diet to exercise is 80%-20%.

This being the Holidays (I don’t know about you but they start at Thanksgiving and end just after the first of the year for me), historically I should be somewhere around 165-170 by now, based on the level of slacking that’s normal for my holiday season – I usually shut down after Thanksgiving though I did change that considerably last year.  This year, while days off have increased, I’m running farther on Saturdays than I ever have and my daily half hour spinning sessions at the office have been a lot more lively.  Therefore, I’ve only gained about a pound and a half since Thanksgiving – and my diet hasn’t exactly been what anyone could call “good”.  While I have managed to keep somewhat of a lid on the junk food, let’s face it, I’m a sucker just like the next for a treat.  In those terms I practice moderation, rarely abstinence.

Now that I’m through the worst, and with January 1st coming up in a hurry, I’m starting to look at goals for 2013 – and my diet, weight and decent stretch of distance running of late are going to play a big factor in my choices for next season…  A few things will stay the same, the Ride for Recovery on April 28th in Ypsilanti (100k) is a definite, as will be the Tour des Lacs in Fenton (Century) and the Assenmacher 100 in August.  I’m looking at adding the ride across Michigan (145 miles) the day before Assenmacher’s though – and after speaking with Mrs. Bgddy, if I can keep my running up to where I can get comfortable with the half marathon distance, I’m going to go for a half Ironman as well.  The 70.3 will depend on my ability and desire to keep up with my running though.  Last season I had so much fun on my bike, running took a back seat – in fact last year was my lightest spring/summer/fall in more than ten years.  I’ll have to keep a lid on that and actually run on Saturdays next season.  I had planned on doing one this year but I wasn’t where I needed to be with my running distance so I ended up actually having to train for the event.  I made it about two weeks into the actual “training” and found out that I hated it – something about the structure of it didn’t agree with me.  I’ve trained for running races and half marathons throughout the years, but something about the idea of “ride this far, at this pace, with “x” heart rate” was just too, restrictive.  Say what you will, if I’m exercising it’s gotta be for the fun of it or it becomes work, and I’ve got enough of that with my day job.  That said, if I can make it into the spring used to a half marathon, then all I have to add in is a little bike ride and a dip in the lake to get the half Ironman in, and that seems manageable.

Also, in a post earlier this year I kicked around the idea of riding in the DALMAC (a four-day, 400+ mile ride from Lansing to Mackinaw) but after talking with the misses about that one, I think I’ll leave that for another year.  It would be fun but a little unrealistic as far as family, timing and work goes.  I’m quite certain I’ll keep my 200k solo ride on the Pere-Marquette rail trail and throw in a couple of other centuries for fun (the 4th of July 80 miler will be in as well).  Other than that, we’ve got vacation to look forward to again in early July and we’re heading back down to the mountains in Georgia again (YES!!!).

Finally, we’re almost done with our remodel – we painted our bedroom over the weekend, the bathroom Monday and yesterday evening (and put the cabinets back on the wall)…  Next up is the kitchen followed by the laundry room and then all that’s left is the new flooring in the kitchen/laundry room and replacing the flooring in the bathroom which we should be able to get through before I come back to work after the new year (assuming of course that the world doesn’t end on Friday).