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Living Like There’s A Tomorrow… A Funny Look At Semantics

December 2012

Imagine that, the sun is about to rise and we’re not floating off into space…

Seeing as the Mayan Calendar ends today and many have placed their faith in the Mayan’s ability to guess when the world will end, I thought about living yesterday like there was no tomorrow.  Fortunately for my guys I only thought about it – instead I chose to live life like there is a tomorrow…  I went into the office after taking a 3 hour nap (what can I say, I stayed up to watch Hurt Locker – it was so good I watched it again and didn’t get to sleep til 1 am) so I could get my payroll out to my guys before Christmas.  I also worked on getting a couple of more jobs, just on the off-chance that the Mayans messed up, so that my guys would have work to come back to after Christmas break.  In fact, I’m getting at it today as well so I can get some work done so I can enjoy next week off.

I also took a day off of the bike yesterday, something I never would do if I were living like there were no tomorrow.  The dogs were feeling a little sore and tired – more than they should anyway.  I may or may not take another day off today, depending on how painting the kitchen goes – one more task that would never be done if there were truly no tomorrow.  I also ate a relatively sensible dinner last evening – let’s face it, if there were no tomorrow who would worry about calories?

This afternoon however, I’ll be letting my hair down after just having it cut and…er, living like there will be a tomorrow, celebrating the fact that the world didn’t end by heading out to the firing range with my mentor where we will blow off some steam and light some targets up like a Christmas tree.  I’m also going to be checking into picking up a new pistol, something with some pop to it…  I’d call that a Christmas present, but I’m no fool – why risk eternal damnation for picking up a gun to celebrate Jesus’ birthday?  No, I’ll be calling that one a holiday present.  That should do, yes?  I will also, then, have to live like there’s a tomorrow and clean my pistols so they stay in good working order…  In case I do run into the end of the world and need them functioning (if I don’t make the cut).

After that will be a much-needed dinner with my lovely wife and children – as you’d imagine, that’s a pretty hefty day, gotta have the fuel because I’m up for another 12 mile run on Saturday so I can maintain my fitness like there is a tomorrow.


    • bgddyjim says:

      Sad NASA had to go to the trouble… I’ve been laughing about this one since the trailer for the movie came out.

      • elisariva says:

        Agreed! I was surprised to read you daughters didn’t have school!

      • bgddyjim says:

        It’s been reported so I don’t mind describing what was going on… There was Internet chatter amongst several kids that they may as well bring firearms to school because Thursday would be the last day anyway. The school got wind and after Connecticut they just shut it down because the am
        number of kids who believed it was, uh, surprising.

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