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Time… Off? And A Short 2012 Recap…


December 2012

Not only have I taken the last week off work (relatively speaking), with the house remodel ongoing, I’ve actually taken several days off of exercise altogether to focus on getting as much of the house done as possible over the break. I can’t tell you how odd it’s felt – the first few days were great but I’ve since started to feel off, like it’s… missing.

Bowling last night was hilarious – I’ve been so used to bowling after running (either day of or day before) that I had a hard time adjusting…  I ended up throwing the ball so hard I straightened out half of my hook.  I barely broke 100 in first game before I figured out what the heck was going on in the 9th and 10th frame (I capped that dismal showing with a 183 and a 181).

I’m getting back into spinning today and running over the weekend – no sense in waiting for the new year.

As a recap for 2012, I rode farther and faster than I thought possible with a day job.  I ran less, but faster than I ever have before.  For the first time my wife and I took our bikes on vacation with us and we ended up riding every day in the mountains of North Carolina and northern Georgia.  I went on a handful of centuries, a 100k, and a 200k – double, triple and quadruple my longest rides from the year before.  And I finally lost those last pain in the butt 5 pounds.  More importantly than the speed and distance;  I had more fun that a guy should be allowed to have with his clothes on – and that is the important part for me…  I finally found in cycling the one thing that eluded me since I stopped rollerblading (for lack of a local place to skate) 18 years ago – fun.  For the longest time I ran to stay thin, I started riding because I wanted to do a triathlon but I ended up having more fun riding than I ever did rollerblading.

In the end, and more important still, I made a lot of new friends – some I already knew but most others were from riding with the Tuesday night crew.  While much of 2012 was work in other areas of my life, fitness (and by extension, blogging) was anything but work.  It was a great year – and 2013 looks to be even better…  Time will tell.


  1. Chatter says:

    I am glad I discovered your blog this year, truly have enjoyed reading your posts. Thank you for sharing your 2012. Here is to 2013.

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