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A Fitting Christmas Gift

Proof Positive that Mrs. Bgddy has a great sense of humor

Proof Positive that Mrs. Bgddy has a great sense of humor

2013 – Much More Of The Same…

So yesterday was the day for new resolutions, for setting our sights to rectifying areas of our lives that we find lacking. For the first time in as long as I can remember, my list won’t have anything to do with fitness. Oh there are small things, get a little faster, become a little more comfortable over the long distances, things of that nature, but nothing big. My diet is decent, my weight is good, and for the most part, it just doesn’t have to get any better than this…  In short, I’m healthy.  I suppose, if anything, my resolution for fitness would be to keep it up.

I’ve begun building my Goals 2013 page and so far it will look a lot like 2012.  I got in plenty of miles and had an inordinate amount of fun doing it, though if I can manage to keep my Saturday run in the 10-12 mile range, I just might give hat half Ironman a go next summer – this will depend greatly on my ability to simply get used to the mileage without having to “train” per se.  I found out last year that I simply don’t have the stomach for the regimented training plan – for me, training takes all of the fun out of it and if it’s not fun, it’s not worth it.

One of my small goals for 2013 is to actually find a pair of jeans that fit.  I started off 2012 with the goal of getting my size to a 30/34…  When I made the goal I was a little naive.  I managed to get down to about a 31/34 but I can’t go any lower because the muscles around my hips got too big from all of the cycling – a good problem to have.  Unfortunately, that made my original jean problem even worse – I haven’t been able to find jeans in a 31/34 (they’re all 31/32) and even if I could, with the slim fit jeans, the legs of the jeans would be too skinny – with my calf and thigh muscles as big as they now are, I barely fit into a 32/34 in the legs as it is.  Go figure.

As far as blogging goes, I wrote 709 posts and had 32,000 views – far exceeding my initial expectations.  I figured if I hit 12,000 I’d be doing good.  My biggest week, humorously enough, was when I ranted about the women’s gymnastic announcers this past summer.  I don’t plan on changing much of anything as far as the blog goes, though I’m hoping to wrap up my home remodel soon so that I can get back to a little bit of regularity…almost there.

As far as recovery goes – and the fitness fits right in there as well – the idea for this year will be three-fold:  It works (if you work it), No time like the present, and You’ve gotta give it away to keep it.  The first notion is simple enough.  The second is a continuation of my normal daily attitude, though I’m going to try to expand on that a little bit to things that I normally might procrastinate on – even if those things won’t cause problems down the road.  The third item is a little bit tricky…  When I quit drinking I didn’t bother waiting around for someone to help me – I got right to finding several people who I could trust to talk to – and I burned up their phone lines (cell phones were still insanely expensive back in ’92 and most business was still done on a land line).  I’ve found over the years that people like me are the exception, not the rule – most newcomers need a little bit of handholding.  I don’t necessarily agree with that way of doing things but it is what it is and not liking it won’t change it.  The concept of “giving it away to keep it” is as old as the hills, and this is one area in my recovery that can grow.

As one last look back, I made this year more of a struggle than it had to be, especially when looking at work.  I need to relax on the nerves a little bit while spending my time wisely and efficiently.  If I can simply concentrate on doing those two things, everything else in my life will be much more enjoyable.  Finally, there is no time like the present – too often I choose to put off something that I could do right now because I would A) rather not or B) rather take it easy…  This habit is driving me up a wall – especially after doing all of the work I’ve done on the house.  I still got my naps in and I’ve found that my tank is a lot bigger than I thought.  Sadly there are no two ways about it – I was a little lazy last year. That’s going to change.