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Hey Doc, I Have A Fat Lip…

Mrs. Bgddy is a cuddler. Once in a while this means one of us is getting smacked in the mug while we’re sleeping… Truthfully, God bless her, my wife ends up getting the worst of the majority of these exchanges. Three weeks ago she evened up the score for the next five years (or the last five if you’re looking at it from her perspective).  I ended up with a nice fat lip that didn’t go away after a week so I figured I’d give it one more… Then, like a guy, I kept forgetting to call my dentist to make an appointment for a checkup – for another full week.  Of course, the holiday days off is when I would remember and wonder if all of the liquor and cigarettes finally did me in (the worst combination – other than chewing tobacco and whiskey – for oral cancer known to man is liquor and cigarettes)

So I’m driving home last night and I finally remember to call Doc Ewing’s office (there’s something grand about having a dentist with the Ewing name) and explain everything as I did above to the secretary.  Now, to understand the context of the next statement it helps to know that my family is very well-known at our doctor’s offices – not because we visit a lot, but because we’re nice, cheerful, not stupid and our kid’s are exceptionally respectful and decent – four qualities that are usually lacking at doctor’s offices.  On top of that, I actually churched with my dentist before we started seeing him – and politically, we share many of the same principles…  So the secretary says, “Oh, Jim, that’s an infection, you’re lucky it didn’t enter the bloodstream after all that time”.

Well folks, if you’ve spent any time perusing my blog you know that I’m a “rub some dirt on it” kind of guy but this is obviously one of those times when that philosophy went wrong.  Live (thankfully) and learn.  Two days on an incredible dose of penicillin (4 times a day) and it’s starting to go down already.