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A perfect winter run…

January 2013


I headed out to a local park to run with my buddy Dennis and a new guy to the club this morning. We covered almost six miles in 55 minutes – slow by normal standards over such a short distance, until you throw in the terrain. The new guy and I spent a lot of time running back to collect Dennis who runs around a 9:20 pace under normal conditions but considering that the photo above shows some of the better conditions we faced, a 9:30 pace wasn’t so bad, even for me… I did kick it for the last mile, dropping down into the 6-7 minute mile range for a bit but that was not sustainable for the whole run. Running in the low 9’s felt like an 8 flat pace – it never fails to surprise me how much work it is to run in the snow.

Even so, it was a perfect winter morning for a run. Cloudy, 30 and off and on flurries throughout. It just doesn’t get any better…


  1. lampenj says:

    There’s just something peaceful about exercising in the snow that’s different than any other season. Love it, and am looking forward to getting out today, myself.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Indeed, I’ve always had a tough time getting warmed up but after that, I love the snow. Of course, my cycling jacket has made a huge difference there (I wear that to run in).

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