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Let Your Man Be Your Superhero

January 2013

I surprised my wife with a special night out last night.  Our daughters spent the night at a friend’s house so we had all the time we could want to ourselves, so I hatched a plan to take her out to one of her favorite “out of our league” restaurants (at least out of our league on a regular basis) for dinner.  I found a way to afford it, transferred the money around and we set off (with Mrs. Bgddy trying to guess where we were going all the way there).  She figured out where we were going with about a half mile left to the restaurant and when she did, she immediately started in with the shrugging and breathing through the teeth.   “We can’t afford this”, she said.  I let her know that I had it figured out and that we’d be just fine and that she should just let me be the knight in shining armor today…  She relented and we had a fantastic time.  She had the Coconut Shrimp Pad Thai and it was glorious.  I had the New York Strip and Garlic Smashed Potatoes (my favorite)…  We talked and laughed and had a wonderful time.

I’ve noticed over time that my wife wants her man to be the knight in shining armor, but would then try to dictate how that should be done.  It took us years to develop the relationship to a point where, with a few key words, she can let me put on my cape, sit back and enjoy the evening.

Ladies, every once in a while, let your man be your superhero – lest you be forced to complain that he never tries to be your knight in shining armor.  If you want to control the way every little thing happens in the relationship, then you will absolutely wind up having to control everything that happens in the relationship, and then you’ll be upset that you have to control everything in the relationship.

Just a thought.  Now I need a nap, I’m dizzy all of a sudden.


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