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Have You Ever Liked Your Own Post?

I’ve only ever heard of one person liking their own post and contrary to what I thought would happen, the Mayan’s didn’t attack us with spears, ending the world as we know it. Also, I haven’t noticed any obvious rips in the space-time continuum – so I think we’re good. Of course, if a butterfly flaps its wings in China – hell, you never know…

And that’s what got me thinking… I’ve given myself five stars on three posts (after another reader did, on each occasion) and the world didn’t end – but what if?

By the way, I just happened on a new blog (technically she happened on my blog first) called Hollis Plample Draws Comics. Check her out, she’s hilarious!


My Thoughts On Lance

I was a huge Lance Armstrong fan… Hell, if I’m honest (and as long as I don’t watch any more of the Oprah interview than the 45 seconds I’ve seen) I probably still am somewhat.

I heard a commentary today in which the host lambasted Lance for cheating saying that his statement that he did dope, but didn’t cheat, is akin to President Bill Clinton’s, “I didn’t have sexual relations with that woman” comment… And that’s where I part company with despising what Armstrong did. The lies, yeah that was sucky. Going after those who rightly accused him with attorneys – sickening. Making cyclists choose to dope along with him to be on the team, beyond the pale. But did he cheat.

Well, now that comes down to your definition of cheat (snicker). If your definition of cheating is to violate rules to gain an advantage over an opponent, then no, he most certainly did not cheat. He violated the rules to keep up with his opponents who were doing the same damned things. Everyone knows that cycling was a hot-bed of doping. Everyone doped. This is why they didn’t give Lance’s titles to the next six guys in line – because they were all found to have doped as well. In fact, it’s my understanding that in only one year a seventh place guy had not been found to dope, and they still didn’t give him that title. It was explained to me by someone who had devoted his entire life to cycling that the last true clean champion that he knew of was Greg LeMond. Well folks, that goes back a ways.

Now, if this is your definition of cheating: To violate rules deliberately, then yes he did – but again, it was to keep up with, not to gain advantage over, his opponents.

Generally speaking, this comes down to “your definition of ‘is'”. If Lance is a card-carrying Democrat, you can be sure he’ll be forgiven… He will be found to ‘have been on the right side of many issues’. If he’s not, pack your bag Lance, you’re going on a guilt trip.

Now on a personal note, he did cheat those who cycle clean – in fact, the whole sport cheated them and until they clean it up, and demonstrably so, they deserve to be scorned and even ignored. As part of Armstrong’s mea culpa he should freely work with the anti-doping agencies to shore up reasonable ways to test cyclists so the cheaters can be caught and banned. In the meantime, cycling fans should shift support to local races where riders aren’t doping. This will erode some of the pro’s profitability and send the sport a message. And if sponsor teams are caught doping, from here out, their products should be boycotted as if the sponsor was complicit.

That Democrat bit was sarcasm folks. 😉

Just my two cents.