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Mission Accomplished – At Least For Last Week

Exactly one week ago I wrote that it was time to get back to work.  The most important part of that post had to do with my perception that I’m starting to get a little “thick”:  “…when you get down to where I’m at with body fat percentage, it’s pretty easy to know when the laundry is piling up again”.    I was right, and fortunately with a doubling in time of my normal workouts over the last week, I’m headed back in the right direction.

Unfortunately, something unexpected has happened…  My legs started getting noticeably bigger as well – already.  I just picked up two new pairs of jeans over the last month or so and now I’m having trouble getting them passed my amazingly well sculpted legs – and they’re too big for my waist without a belt.  Go figure.  I started this whole fitness endeavor more than a decade ago with the off hope that I’d fit into clothes better.  Crime in Italy, it’s always something.

With that said, yesterday I had on tap a sweet 45 minute spin – I barely got out of zone 1 but maintained a cadence between 95 and 100 and somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 mph.  A side goal over the next month or so will be to get the spinning cadence to average about 95.  I had planned on going for a full hour but life got in the way a bit – I had a crown come out over the weekend and had to run around to get my work obligations done and re-cementing my tooth in (dammit, should have just gone with the Super Glue).  As of this morning, I’ve got another relatively easy 1 hour spin planned for around lunch time before I head home and crash – I was in the office this morning before 5am and I’m going to be ready for a nap.

Finally, I wrote the other day that I wouldn’t be watching any hockey this season – to categorize me as a “fan” is a bit of an understatement but the lockout and the fact that they missed half of the season because of it really pissed me off…  Well, I managed to make that last for one whole game.  I tuned in last night to find that the Wings picked up Jordin Tootoo and that changes everything.  Back in the ’90’s with the Russian Five, Detroit got away from fighting and started concentrating on playing the game (of all things).  They kept Joe Kocur as an enforcer and Darren McCarty picked up after that for those rare instances when somebody on the other team needed a beatin’, but that was pretty much it…  Sure Pat Verbeek could throw down and there were a few others (Todd Bertuzzi) from time to time, but Jordin Tootoo is this era’s Tie Domi – hell, Tootoo got into a brawl last night – only the second game of the season.  As a Wings fan I’ve despised that guy for more than a few years now – It’s one of those, “He may be a bastard, but he’s our bastard” dealios.  Either way, I’m giving up my self-deprivation – Oh, and it didn’t help that the ratings for the Wings/Blues game the other night were through the roof.  Ah well.  It should be stated for the pacifists in the crowd that I disagree with fighting in hockey.  [Let me remember how this goes…] The players should just concentrate on playing, because fighting is just too much of a bad thing for the children…  And if you believe that, your picture appears next to the word “gullible” in the dictionary.

Actually, this last tidbit is finally, I just got my project done that I wrote about last night – went almost exactly as planned…  But I can already feel the adrenaline wearing off.  I’ll need that ride before I head home to wake me up for the drive.

That’s how things are in my world.

How Do I Get (Cycle) Above 20 mph…

Search term of the year:  “How do I get above 20 mph”?

Pedal faster, harder and longer.

Just couldn’t pass that one up.


The Estrogen Games…

Dear God in Heaven…

It all started nine years ago, when my first beautiful daughter entered this world:  “Oh man Jim, I hope you’re ready – it’s two…against you”, my friends would say.  Three years later and my second beautiful baby girl was born.  I won’t lie, I’d hoped for a boy in there somewhere but once Josie was here none of that mattered any more.  They were my girls and I couldn’t be happier.  Then the off comment became a regular thing…followed by, “Man, I hope you have guns”.  “Check”.  Then they started to grow up.  Day by day, month by month and year by year.  My wife and those two little girls have given me more love, reasons to be happy and more damned consternation than a shining beakon of testosterone like myself can handle.

Christ Almighty, it’s like the battle of the estrogen wills over here.  Right now I’ve got my head buried in my computer (I actually do have a major project due tomorrow so I’ll be working late tonight on it, fit in three or four hours of sleep and then it’s off to the office at 4am) just in praying I can stay out of the fracus.  And the funny thing is that we’re just getting started.

So here I am, sitting on my bed, ass deep in the least descriptive blueprint I’ve seen in months (maybe years), just me and Zeus – the male cat.

That’s right Zeus, misery loves company.