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I Have A Hangup With Training…

I have a hangup with training.  I admit it freely.  I love riding my bikes – I mean it, I freaking dig it, but I just haven’t found a way to translate that into actual training.  It’s like this;  you hit 42 years-old and you think back on when you were a kid.  It’s summer break and all you’ve got to do is ride ten miles over to your buddy’s house to hang out, shoot pellet guns, jump old bmx bikes into the pond, play some baseball and fun the summer away…  That’s how I feel when I ride my bikes.  Honest to God – I feel just like that.  I like running too though it’s not quite as sexy to me.  Running takes a back seat to riding any day.  More importantly, if I go too long without running or riding, I feel 42.  I get grumpy, my body starts creaking in ways that it normally doesn’t – it’s all bad.  I need me some endorphins.

That said, I’m horrible at actual training.  While I do push hard, especially on my bikes, I have a serious problem getting into the interval training, staying in certain “zones”, messing around with specific diet plans…  Last year I had planned on doing a half Ironman at the end of the season.  About four weeks into the training, that feeling was fleeting.  All of a sudden it wasn’t about just going out for a ride – I had to get my miles in, I had to ride this far and run that far and work in some intervals…  I lost the summer break feel so I dropped the training.

This year I seem to be doing a little better with it though.  I’ve managed for two straight weeks to bump up my trainer miles and I’ve kept up my running miles where I wanted them so who knows, maybe I can break through this year.  On the other hand, maybe I don’t…  Maybe I lose that summer break feeling again.  That will remain to be seen, but I can tell you this – if I feel it slipping away again, that half Ironman is off the docket again.  I love being in this position.  To be fit enough that I can pick and choose what I want to do and whether or not I want to put the effort in to do it – and it won’t make a difference either way.

That said, it looks like I might be running twelve with English Pete, Aaron and Jeff tomorrow…