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10.91 Miles + An “Oh Crap”.

I went for that 12 mile run with Pete and Jeff today on snow-covered back roads. The sun was shining and the wind, she was a blowin’. It was a chilly day, around 20 degrees but the sun really helped out. We decided on an easy pace and kept it around 9:30’s to start. After three miles we started picking up the pace, dropping down to 8:45’s for a bit… Pretty average on good road, but moving at a pretty fair clip on the snow. Around mile seven we slowed it back down again to keep from blowing up at the end. From there it was low 9’s till we hit mile 10.91. The course Pete had picked out was hilly as all get out and we were all getting tired of them. Pete started walking up a nice one – I joined him and that was my undoing. I could feel my left hamstring tighten up immediately so I gave it a quick rub and got back to running. Unfortunately it cramped up big time – I was certain I was cooked. I tried to stretch it but that just caused worse cramping, with just over a mile to go… I limped along for a few hundred yards, then turned into the wind for the last mile. I froze my butt off, quickly. Just as I was starting to get nervous about hypothermia (sweat, 20 degrees (F) and wind don’t mix well), my hamstring loosened up. Not wanting to hurt myself any more, I took it very easy, just fast enough to keep my body temp up. I went into Pete’s and sat down. That wasn’t too bright. Pain shot up the back of my leg so I tried to slowly stretch it out a bit. After five minutes or so the pain was manageable enough to drive home. On making it back I immediately started on my stretches and actually feel a lot better than I normally do after a long run, though the hamstring is still really tight. I’ll have to see how it goes, but I have pretty high hopes that a couple weeks of stretching will get me back to square and that I won’t have to take any time off.