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Iowa TriBob Wins The What’s Wrong With Jim’s Hamstring Sweepstakes


January 2013

Iowa TriBob Wins The What’s Wrong With Jim’s Hamstring Sweepstakes!!!

Well, technically it isn’t a sweepstakes, and there’s no real “prize” other than recognition in this post, but whatever.  I wrote the other day about some severe hamstring problems that I had (and had been monitoring for weeks) on a 12 mile run.  I had several great folks offer their advice but the one thing that really fit came from Bob.  He wrote:

“… I actually was having some right hamstring problems on my long runs (especially when I tried to climb hills or pick up the pace).  I had my run analyzed and found that my stride was too long and I was pulling with my right leg, vs. pushing off.  Meaning my feet were landing way ahead of my center of gravity which was causing me to stress my hamstring to pull my body ahead.  I shortened up my stride considerably (now hit 86-87 strides per minute) and focused on landing my feet either directly below me or even slightly behind if I could remember to lean forward a little.  I haven’t had a hamstring issue since and if I do start to feel it on a run I go right back to focusing on stride and it immediately goes away.  No idea if this is remotely your case but thought I’d share”.

Well, Iowa TriBob, you hit the nail on the head my friend.  I’d actually tried successfully, on more than one occasion, during that run to shorten up my stride and the pain was greatly reduced for as long as I could maintain that – usually when we had some decent footing.  This usually isn’t much of a problem but with trying to keep a decent pace on the sloppy snow, my stride was considerably longer than normal.  This explains why I ended up with the protesting hamstring.  So Bob, thank you so very much for posting your comment.  I owe you one brother.



  1. IowaTriBob says:

    Thanks for the shout, much appreciated and glad my past pains could possibly help out. The one great thing I’m learning as I’ve really gotten into some heavy training is there isn’t much I’m doing that a lot of people haven’t had to deal with before.

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