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AMEN! Be sure to check out this excellently written post.

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What Motivates You? Part 1 of 3

Money, Fast cars, extravagant homes. Maybe your thing is exotic vacations or philanthropy. Success, Wealth, social acceptance? Could it be that possibly social acceptance isn’t good enough? For you, being at the top of the class is much more important than simply being in the class. It’s all a matter of perspective and everything we do is relative to where we’re trying to go. 

The problem is that too many people don’t actually have any true idea of “where they’re trying to go”… How can you get to a place if you don’t know where it is you want to be? So many people wander aimlessly through the year with resolutions that become faint dreams and broken goals that they become disillusioned with the idea that they can even find true success. It becomes a chore to wake up in the morning and…

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So let me get this straight…

Ok, so let me get this straight. Immigrating illegally to the US is just “breaking the rules” and shouldn’t carry any real consequences. Really?

Excellent. In that case when we gun owners buy, trade and sell all of those weapons you jokers are trying so hard to ban you’ll treat that the same way, right?

A note, Mr. President…

Political Science 101: The laugh line above is why you politicians generally take things a little slower – one big ticket item at a time. It gives the general public the four weeks it usually takes for them to forget the idiotic arguments you guys (and gals) used in the last fight. Move too fast and you can’t square what you said last week – especially if you’re a Democrat! Even the media can’t spin that shit into sunshine at that point.

Stupid is as stupid does, Forrest.