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Endomondo Workout Entry Issues

February 2013
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For Endomondo users (at least for me), there appears to be a huge problem when entering a new workout on the website.  I have, on more than a dozen occasions, entered a new spin workout on my personal page only to have Endomondo not recognize the mileage in the weekly, monthly or yearly totals.  This is hit or miss – sometimes the workout will be recognized in the totals, sometimes it won’t.

To work around this, whenever I enter a new workout, I do it through the program on my phone.  Problem solved.



  1. magnuminsp says:

    Yes, Endo has its quirks! The good news is they finally fixed the voice prompts so you can keep track of your pace and, integrated it with My Fitness Pal. It is the most accurate of the phone apps as we tested it with the wifes Garmin watch and the gps in the Durango and it is about 10 feet off.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I didn’t even notice a problem with the voice prompts – I’ve only ever paid attention mile to mile. I tried Map My Ride and hated it compared to Endomondo. I was tempted to try Strava just to check it out but after the MMR experience I scrapped the idea. Thanks for adding that.

      • magnuminsp says:

        The problem with MMR is that it doesn’t work with blue tooth headphones and no support. SportsTracker is my favorite except it is about a mile off in accuracy!

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