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Daily Archives: February 2, 2013

The Perfect Day For A Run That Couldn’t Happen

I haven’t met too many running injuries that I wouldn’t try to run through and a tight hamstring wasn’t about to slow me down so the boys and I scheduled a nice 12.5 miler for today.

The weather was perfect, low 20’s, no wind and a light snow falling. After hemming and hawing about the weather over a cup of coffee we hit it… I made it exactly two tenths of a mile before my hamstring started feeling like it did last week at the ten mile mark. I had no desire to mess it up even more so I pulled up and walked the 7.2 mile route with another group that left just after we did.

Walking was OK, but it just wasn’t the same. Thankfully though, my hamstring isn’t feeling much worse than it did two days ago, though I have a feeling I’m in for a little stretch of time off from running – whether I like it or not.

For now I don’t plan on altering my spinning schedule but I’m going to be keeping a close eye on this as far as running goes. I started my ‘plantar fasciitis’ stretches earlier in the week and they’ve made a world of difference so I’m hoping I can be back at it next weekend.


If I Had Four Thousand Three Hundred Dollars…

The Specialized Venge Expert.

Now we’re getting closer to my price range… Hmmm