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Game Night Commercial Dud…


February 2013

Let me see, if I can remember correctly I have to use the term the ‘football game which shall not be named’ that was played this evening. I have nothing to add about the actual game (my favorite team is up at this point)

That said, my wife turned to me just before halftime and asked who the target audience was for the commercials. My answer was, “I don’t know but it sure ain’t us”. Thankfully it is not proper English week in the US.

I have loved and followed the commercials as intently as the ‘game which shall not be named for decades and I can’t remember such a lame year. The VW commercial was funny and there was a quaint Doritos commercial but that’s about it.

The way I see it though, the ‘game which shall not be named’ actually needs those commercials to carry ratings, especially after halftime… If it’s a blowout the commercials are often the only thing that keeps me from popping The Bourne Legacy into the DVD player for the 23rd time.

To wrap this up, Beyonce was hot, though my daughters watched and there were a few times I wished she’d been wearing a stitch or two more (nice crotch tickle by the way). Also, let’s start the lip sync debate… It seemed like she hadn’t right up until she stuck the mic in the crowd and you couldn’t hear them – now not having much in the way of knowledge when it comes to concert mics, if she indeed was singing, they’d have to mute the pickup a little bit so she could swing the mic around without feedback so it’s possible that she was actually singing and that would explain why the crowd wasn’t picked up, but something’s fishy in Denmark.

Why does it matter? Everybody shrieks in horror when Lance cheats. You ask me, lipping it is cheating just the same. Ask Milli Vanilli.


  1. Katie says:

    I so agree! I think maybe I’m getting to old *gasp* for these commercials. Now the power has gone out, I’m voting for Jason Bourne. Do it!

  2. Sandra says:

    Definitely Bourne. :-). Or Star Trek.

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