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Sweet Relief…

I have written a few times about the bite splint that I wear while I sleep.  I am a clencher, meaning while I’m sleeping I clench my jaw which causes my teeth to wear down and crack.  This is due to stress because of my chosen profession and “getting over it” is simply not going to happen – not without some major changes.  I’ve accepted it for what it is and I’m quite ok with it.  I don’t wish to stray too deep into the weeds on the stress because that’s not really what’s important in the end; the benefits that result from having that stress far outweigh the stress itself, especially because it can be managed relatively easily – while I’m awake.  Asleep, now that’s a different story.

Getting to the point, last week I had a crown come out…  After having it re-cemented, it came loose again (the glue didn’t bond to the tooth) but didn’t let loose enough to come completely off.  Getting in to my dentist’s office to try again had to be put off because of work so I ended up going about five days without wearing my bite splint to bed because I wanted the cap to stay seated.  I found out very quickly how much pain I used to live in before I bought it simply from clenching my jaw while I sleep.  By the second day I’d lost some mobility in my neck, by the third I was hitting the Aleve and by the fifth I was fit to be tied…  Then, sweet, sweet relief.  I made it into the dentist’s office on Tuesday afternoon and slept for the first time in five days with my bite splint.  Sure enough, I woke up with 33% improvement in ability to comfortably move my neck and it felt like the rest of my joints had been hit with a grease gun.  This morning I’m almost back to 100% pain-free.

Now I can tell you, my bite splint has a few proprietary things that separate it from your typical “boil and bite” splint.  Mine is a hard plastic, it’s fitted so that my bite is correct within a thousandth of an inch (this took 2-1/2 hours over about 3 weeks to get right) and it’s got a magnet in it that is supposed to do something with the natural exit pathway for something to do with how your body is supposed to work (forgive me, my eyes glaze over every time it’s explained because I don’t believe in most of that hoo-haa)…  But it works, I can’t enjoy life as much without it.

If I Had Three Thousand Four Hundred Dollars…