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Daily Archives: February 9, 2013

Two New Search Terms… They’re Good For A Laugh…

So, how fast can you run a mile at 20mph?

You can’t run a mile at 20 mph. Not yet anyway. But on a bike it would take you three minutes flat. 60 minutes divided by 20 is?


“how to practice on a road bike to maintain 28 mph for 15 miles”

One word: Dope. Just kidding, just kidding… Three and a half words: Buy a tri bike. No, really. On a road bike? A good tailwind and a straight stretch of closed road comes to mind…

Here’s the truth: That kind of speed is over my head, and I have a funny feeling if I could go that fast I’d be racing. While I love cycling, I would only bother trying to get that fast if I didn’t have to do anything to get there which is akin to wishing on a shooting star for a half a billion dollars and actually thinking you have a shot. Good luck with that.

Facial Ice…

I decided to test the hamstring today with a 12.5 mile out and back run. It felt like a really good idea for about four and a half miles. The roads were mostly cleared from the snow storm yesterday but it was cold. -3 (-19C) when I woke up and only 3 when we started. I felt surprisingly good though I could feel the slightest nagging protest from my hamstring – and I was dressed perfectly for the temperature including a balaclava (thank goodness, it was absolutely necessary). We ticked off the first mile (six in our group) at an easy 9:30 pace. Unfortunately we didn’t stay there long. Our second mile was an 8:54 followed by an 8:30. Then we hit the snow covered dirt roads and still managed an 8:54 for the fourth mile. That’s when the wheels started to wobble.

I’m probably a bit of an idiot for not slowing down to my own pace on the snow – say between 9:10 and 9:15 to take it easy on my leg, but let’s face it, that’s just not how we’re put together… By the four and three quarters mark I knew I was in trouble so I broke off and turned around. I managed that 9:15 pace until the seven mile mark when my hammie called it quits. I walked/jogged the last two miles. Walked to loosen my hamstring and jogged to keep from turning into a Popsicle on the side of the road.

No frozen boogers today but I did have ice caked on my eyebrows and eyelashes for eight of those nine miles. I also had about a half inch of ice caked on various parts of my balaclava below the chin. And I finished my run/jog walk by helping a couple of ladies get their car off the edge of a ditch on the side of their driveway.

All things considered, I’m supremely happy with my progress seeing as I had to settle for a long walk last week and I was still hurting as of Thursday and you can’t help but feel awesomely tough when you have to pull chunks of ice off of your melon after a run.