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Have You Ever Had One Of Those Rides?

February 2013

I started out this morning fairly busy, at least enough that I’m sleeping well, and got on my bike for my normal late morning/lunchtime spin at about 11:10.  On the big screen today was Ironman 2 so I settled in quickly to a nice easy pace.  Yesterday was a pretty hard ride so today’s goal was to keep things at an enjoyable but decent pace.  As is par for the course, that didn’t last very long and before I knew it, I’d shifted up a couple of times and was mashing quite steadily…  I pedaled away watching my flick and the next time I looked up I only had ten minutes left on my hour – and I felt excellent!  Have you ever had one of those rides (or runs) that you absolutely blew by your expectations?  Man, that was fun!

Today’s ride was one of those perfect days.  I just got in a rhythm and I could have gone all day long – and I was riding in a harder gear for my easy ride than I rode in last winter to push it for a half an hour…  This is going to be a very good summer.


  1. elisariva says:

    Oh “those” are the best! So glad you had one, and indoors!

  2. Sandra says:

    Yay, glad you hit a great training session!!!

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