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How Stuff Works, Political Edition: The Case Against Jack Lew

February 2013

President Obama has sent Jack Lew to the Senate for confirmation as the Chairman of the Fed Secretary of the Treasury. This was a job held by the once revered Alan Greenspan, and Tim Geithner – a man so smart we were told that it would be best to overlook the fact that he didn’t properly pay taxes from wages earned on his previous job.

Enter Jack Lew. Now most people won’t follow politics like I do, so I’ll make this very easy to understand. Jack Lew’s last job was as the head of the Office of Management and Budget. In other words, he was in charge of writing the president’s budgets that were submitted to Congress…

Lew’s budgets are so bad that Democrats in the Senate have chosen, apparently illegally, to even pass a budget for the last four years. Lew, actually tried to blame this on a Republican filibuster – an assertion that was either disingenuous or ignorant to the point of being laughable – Republicans can’t filibuster a vote on a budget. It’s a Senate rule.

Anywho, in a political stunt of epic proportions in last year’s budget talks, Senate Republicans brought to vote a budget based on the president’s, authored by Lew’s department. Lew’s budget had already failed in the House, 414-0…

The proposal failed 99 – 0.

Jack Lew’s budget got no votes in favor of it and was billed as “balanced” by both the president and Lew. Well, looking at this technically, it was balanced. It was so bad, nobody liked it enough to vote for it – not one member of Congress.

So here’s what happens when DC gets smacked upside the head by reality: Judging Lew by his performance in his last position, who in their right mind would promote him?


  1. Jacob Weismeier says:

    Small correction: Mr. Lew has been nominated to be Secretary of the Treasury, not Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (a post currently held by Ben Bernanke)

    Otherwise, great post.

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