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On Needing Rest…

Mrs. Bgddy and I packed the kids into the family minivan, quite possibly the single greatest family friendly creation in the history of kids, and headed to the in-laws house for a nice weekend getaway. Now before you have a chance misunderstand the situation, I have two of the best in-laws on this planet. Weekending at their place is a great way to unwind for a minute and I’m grateful every time we get the chance to come up. They also stay weekends at our place from time to time and I thoroughly enjoy having them down. In short, I am a truly blessed man.

With the foundation laid, I packed running clothes and planned in running today and possibly tomorrow as well. Until I checked my heart rate this morning… I’ve been in the low 50’s for the last week and felt decent even if I was a few beats over normal, but I had to skip my normal hour ride on Thursday because work intervened – a true rarity, but it happens.

This morning I woke up at 5, made my coffee and after a couple of large cups I checked my heart rate. 43, a new low for me!

In short, the rest is doing me well so after careful consideration I decided to stretch the rest till Monday. Obviously it’s doing me considerable good. I’ll take the kids for a walk with my wife and the in-laws, but for the most part I’m going to keep it very low-key.

I feel awesome.

This does not mean I’ll be figuring regular rest sessions in this season, that would just be crazy talk, but I think I will stop worrying so much about taking a few days off every once in a great while. I really needed this.