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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…

This was going to be one of those posts that you just shouldn’t write.  For the love of God.  This is filed under politics, but we’re talking about life politics, not DC Politics.

Being Fit Over 40…

I have been a relatively healthy weight for much of my life. I’ve also been physically active for the vast majority of it. I had active jobs, in manufacturing and then construction that certainly helped as well. It wasn’t until I took a desk job in management that I began to have problems. A few years into the desk job I decided to quit smoking… Not ironically it was then that I discovered that food actually tastes good. Rather unfortunate, that.

Through my 30’s I ran and stayed relatively fit, then 40 hit and for the first time in my life, I felt it. I dropped my running down to two days a week from three. That worked for a spell but I got bored. I picked up cycling just in the nick of time. I went from skinny chicken legs and a bit of a gut to right where I’ve always wanted to be in about six months… And I’ve gotten better since.

There are a few tricks to this though:

1. I can’t/won’t quit, my misery is waiting for me. I have no room for negative melon chatter – I have to stomp it out the second it enters my conscious mind. This takes practice because the ‘f-ck it’s’ don’t stop, I just have the ability to laugh at them. This takes practice.

2. Staying fit and trim is work – and not run two miles at a fifteen minute per mile pace, twice a week – it takes some effort. Of course, it must be stated that anything to get started is a step in the right direction, but while a marathon begins with just one step, it’s completed with tens of thousands more (about 45,669 by the way, give or take, if you’re walking that).

3. Once I got used to working hard it didn’t suck so bad.

4. Running in the cold doesn’t suck as bad as a dickie-do, though it has its down side(s).

5. If 2/3’s of the population is overweight or obese, and kids are a small percentage, how much of that weight falls on the over 40 crowd? If you’re fit at 40 (and beyond) you’re breathing rare air and that’s all good baby!

So what brought this on? I’ve had a couple of moments over the last week or so. Nothing serious, just questioning whether I’ll have the drive to get my 5,000 in this year… If I’ll have the drive to hit my three centuries, one 200 k and my 150. I’ve gotta work myself up with spring right around the corner. Just bare footing it I suppose.