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The Goat Goes Under The Knife…


February 2013


Take care, Doc.

Take care, Doc.

My ’08 Trek is about to go under the knife for some much needed adjustments in preparation for the ’13 riding season.  I completely wore out the bottom bracket – so much so that the chain rings “warble” when I push too hard on the pedals.  So it’s getting a new chain, a slightly upgraded crank and a new bottom bracket (and possibly new cable if necessary).  I could probably go another year before serious problems develop, and I actually thought about upgrading my mountain bike rather than mess around with fixing this one but I’ve got another item on the agenda that will require that much cash:  My accountant is selling her 2010 Specialized Secteur with 105 components and a compact double crank – and it just so happens that she and my wife are the same height within an inch – in short, that bike will be too perfect to pass up.  While I loved keeping the Cannondale around, it’s the wrong bike for my wife.  With a seven speed cassette and a racing double crank, she doesn’t have enough low-end to ride efficiently when we vacation in the mountains and I’d rather ride with her on vacation and know that she’s safer on a bike with shifters on the brake levers than have a nicer mountain bike.

So the Cannondale will be going up for sale next week and we’ll be picking up the Secteur, hopefully before riding season makes it to Michigan.  The bike I’ll be picking up for my wife is the black on grey model with a full compliment of 105 components and was meticulously maintained.

2011-specialized-secteurI’m getting a little itchy – the season’s almost here!  Woohoo!

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  1. I’ve got the itch as well. I have ridden off and on all winter but it’s been more of a chore at times than enjoyment. Cold and nasty weather just makes everything more difficult. I also recently upgraded my stable and added a full suspension bike to the mix in preparation for my Moab trip in May. It’s a 2009 Giant Anthem X. What a sweet ride. After trying it out on some rough singletrack I don’t know how I ever rode the hardtail on trails like that the last 3 years. Here’s to an early spring with some nice weather on the horizon.

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