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How To Know If You’re Truly A Bike Nut…


What is wrong with this picture?

I found this photo yesterday and it really made me want to buy a Jamis bike – in fact, I almost thought about making this one of my “If I had “x” dollars” series – then I noticed it – there’s a problem with this photo and it takes a true bike nut to pick it out amidst the, um, chatter.

For fame and recognition, what is it?

P.S.  It’s not that the bike is too small for the model, she’s in four inch heels with at least a two inch rise to boot…  Err…

UPDATE:  The proprietor of Bike War figured out what was wrong with the photo:  All of the effort they put into that photo and they’ve got the chain on the little ring – for the love of God and all that is holy, when you photograph bikes, take the time to put the chain on the big ring!

UPDATE 2:  Mrs. Bgddy, old eagle-eyes herself, pointed out that the model’s tag is sticking out the top of her, um, panties (or would that be a bikini bottom)…  Amazingly (or not), I missed that entirely.