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So that’s what it’s like to wake up to an alarm…


February 2013

This morning, for the first time in quite possibly months, I actually woke up to my alarm going off at 4:30.  This isn’t to say that I don’t sleep in by a half hour or so on the weekends, I do from time to time even if the occasion is rare.  That said, during the week I’m always up before the alarm.

There are a few simple reasons for this.  First, my wife and I fell asleep watching a movie – a movie that she chose specifically so that we wouldn’t bother staying awake to watch (yet again – I don’t think I made it five minutes into the movie).  Second, I was tired – even my wife remarked on how wiped out I looked at the girl’s swimming class last night (I’d been awake for 18 hours at that point).  Third, I had an awesome spin workout yesterday – I took the weekend off because this was a bowling weekend and I wanted to see how I did well rested – for the last couple of months I’ve been bowling after having run 10-13 miles and my average was suffering for it (I’m normally around a 175 average and I’m down to 168).  Sure enough, I averaged a 192 over the three games Sunday night.  Finally, all of that hard work – waking up at a ridiculous hour (between 2 and 3:30 am), getting to the office early and putting in long days has paid off.  I have more work lined up for the next three months than I did all of last year – and while there will be a lot of hard work left to make all of this work make money, actually having work makes a whole host of problems go away – and I’ve got an interview for another huge job tomorrow.  So huge in fact, if I land this one too, this will be my highest volume year ever – and we haven’t even hit March yet.  Put simply, the cash for vacation this year shouldn’t be a problem – though finding the time to take the vacation could get interesting.

So, this morning I awoke to my blaring alarm, thinking “what the hell is that“.  I can’t believe how absolutely recharged I feel this morning.  Amazing what a perfect night of sleep will do!


  1. Good luck on your interview!

    I, too, generally don’t wake up from my alarm but once the cycling season comes around, I’ll get back to that rude form of awakening..

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