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How To Equalize Women’s Cycling, Salaries and All, In Four Letters…

If you’ve noticed, things have been a bit slow around here.  I bumped into an obnoxious post the other day, and commented on it.  The responses were so repugnant, juvenile and silly that I set to debunking their idiocy, point by point.  I wrote four posts in the last two days, all of which came from a deep seeded anger.  The anger at the politics consumed me and I’ve gotten to a point where I just can’t take being this mad.  I don’t know if I’ll ever publish any of those posts…  The last one was pretty good but it was still pretty angry though there is a portion that I feel needs to be shared.

The heart of the matter is women’s cycling and the fact that women aren’t compensated equally when compared to men.  Anyone with half a brain knows that this is because businesses don’t see the same return from funding women’s cycling as they do men’s cycling races.  Is this fair?  Probably not.  On the other hand, will the existence of this inequity alone, or the ongoing complaints about it be enough to bring male fans out to see women’s races?  I doubt that.  But this doesn’t mean we can’t solve the money shortage.

It can be done and I’ll leave this to some enterprising woman to do it and end the babbling idiocy that is the complaining about “sexism” once and for all, simply so it can be put to rest, at least for women’s road racing.  I won’t be putting this together, though it might make sense for the business end to come from a man – thus a man would be able to take credit for equalizing the disparity and dispelling the notion that men don’t care because we have access to all of the “power” and want to keep women down.  My God is the notion stupid.

No, instead I’ll give the idea freely, in hopes that a woman will put it into motion, make a mint, and end the disparity herself – without a man being necessary.  I think they call that empowerment or something.

First, we have to deal with crowds and races – because it costs a lot of money to put a race on and the turnout can be sparse for women’s races.  My suggestion here is that women’s races run with men’s races.  The mileage and timing would have to be worked out.  Women would have to start out early so the men don’t catch them, but the rest is pretty elementary.  Women would then get exposure and maybe crowd sizes for women specific races would start to rise as we Neanderthals realized that women’s road racing is pretty awesome – and the cost would be negligible.

This leaves a hole with funding though because until returns are seen by the manufacturers you won’t see salaries climb very much.  Ladies, it’s business.  Sometimes it sucks, I certainly know this, but races are supported and cyclists paid because there is a perceived return on the investment.  That’s just how it works.  In the meantime, however, there is a way around this and even though I could turn this into my own multi-million dollar corporation, I’ll give the idea for free to anyone who wants to run with it because that’s just how I roll (Karen, I’m looking at you here):  The answer is four letters.  Just four, simple letters.

WSWC.  We Support Women Cyclists.  You make a colored logo, pick a color – any color but pink (please).  You cover the cost of the decal that we can put on the forks of our mighty steeds – make it a high-end one so it doesn’t flake off or fade in a week – plus a small percentage for administration and then double it (I’m thinking ten bucks total) and sell them at every bike shop in America and possibly on-line…  Then you partner with Cannondale, Bontrager/Trek and Specialized – they put those four letters on jerseys, cycling hats, helmets and cycling shorts.  Every item bought comes with a donation to the fund.  Then you donate all of the proceeds to evening up women cyclists’ salaries.  Men get to support their women and show that they do, women get better salaries – and you’ve just created a woman owned business that can then support more women with jobs.  You think Livestrong was big?  This could dwarf it.  Easy.

Just four simple letters, problem solved – and whoever runs with this gets to be rich in the process.  My name is BgddyJim and I love my woman cyclist wife and daughters – and you’re a sexist, bigot manophobe if you think otherwise.

Now I need a nap.