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Sexism’s Double-Edged Sword… Fun With Words

I just realized something – I’m on a bit of a sexism kick after being accused of being sexist by a nincompoop the other day.  The idea that someone could think that of me was infuriating, but whatever…  I’m getting to the other side of the anger.  One thing that happens, when I finally let the anger die its slow death, is that I am then able to think a little more rationally…

This has been a very difficult experience for me because while I do have my fleas (who could claim the lack thereof?), I’m a pretty good guy.  Don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t cheat, make decent bacon and don’t squander it, come home every night on time…  I do a lot right.  Now I have a hard time being called names – especially names I know little about – sexism was barely getting started when I was young enough for it to matter, or perhaps more properly stated, when I was young enough to be molded in such a way that would make it matter.  Being married to the same glorious woman for so long, let’s face it:  I’ve been insulated.

So I decided to bone up on sexism, you know, see what I’ve been missing in my wedded bliss.  Try this one on for size:

According to the stereotype (ahem), men thinking that women should support women’s cycling, not exclusively, just in greater numbers – I think I’ve got the takeaway right on that one –  is just plain old sexist.

On the other hand, I would be a benevolent sexist for thinking that women need men’s help in populating the crowds at races.  In other words, for thinking that women need my help for their sport to thrive, you guessed it, I’m a sexist.

On the other hand, I would be an ambivalent sexist for not giving a FOXTROT either way.

And finally, on the other hand, if I get pissed because all of this shit is so confusing, I’m a hostile sexist.

It gets better though, if you’re me, you wisely stay way the hell away from any woman that isn’t your wife, sister, sister-in-law, niece or daughters, because you really can’t win.

In other words, the charge of sexism is used as a bludgeon to enervate and stupefy men into submission.  In other words, the charge of sexism is sexist in and of itself!

Of course, I’m probably a prick for pointing this out, eh?

My name is BgddyJim and if you disagree you’re a sexist, bigot manophobe.

Joltin’ Joe Strikes Again! And Again, And Again, And…

He’s done it again – this time recommending that someone shoot at a person “through the [front] door”. Unfortunately, there is now a possibility of more Democrats taking his advice and winding up in prison for illegally discharging a firearm. It’s absolutely amazing!

Why did I limit that to Democrats?   Everyone else knows Joe, baby!  We know that when Joltin’ Joe gets to rolling, one of two things will happen – if not both… One, he’ll misrepresent, usually egregiously, someone’s position or Two, he will say something so utterly stupid, his side will cringe and the other will rejoice for the gracious gift.

It’s so bad, they even have a name for it: Joe bein’ Joe.

Indeed. So for all the people who think, because the Vice President said it’s OK, to shoot someone through the door with a shotgun, under any circumstances, it’s not – in any State!  Unless there’s already a hole in the door from someone shooting at you – in that case, light him up like a Christmas tree.

And the best part?

At least the vice president can spell potato (and potatoes).  Maybe they should add another question to the background check test: