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Daily Archives: March 6, 2013

First Brick Of The New Year… Comin’ Up!

God willing, if the weather holds Saturday will be my first brick of the year – a duathlon in reverse (10 mile ride, 5 k run, 10 mile ride).  The weather should be warm enough that I could ride my road bike but I think for sanity’s sake I’m going to stick with the mountain goat for the first few weeks to forego the springtime flat tires.

It’s about freaking time.

In other most excellent news, Mrs. Bgddy has begun helping me at the office.  We spent the afternoon picking up several much-needed office supplies and some new furniture.  There are several beautiful things that I love about having my wife in the office (she helped out a couple of years ago for a spell).  First, I’m finally seeing the light around here and am so busy that it’s actually a little scary.  So much so that I really can’t keep up on my own any more.  I need the help, even my attorney said that I’m crazy for going this long without.  Second, there’s nothing better to break up the boredom in an otherwise lonely office than a few hours twice a week with my wife.

Finally – and most important:  I get to have an affair with my executive assistant and my wife will encourage it!  Also, I won’t have to worry about any messy lawsuits.  😀

You Can’t Lead A Positive Life…

I read a quick one-liner the other day at Voxifit that really got me to think about a few things:

You can’t lead a positive life with a negative mind.

This sums up quite a bit for me lately. Work had been a struggle for some time and the money was going to run out sooner rather than later. Add to that the political idiocy of the last couple of months and I was fit to be tied. The truth is, I tried like hell to lead a positive life with all of that negativity swirling but now that I’m sitting on the other side of that, at least as far as work goes, I can see that it was chipping away at me, day by day. My wife and kids have had to put up with a Bgddy that was often cranky because my mind was slowly infected with negativity – and that showed in several posts, I’m sure. I tried to put a happy face on, but some days it was just too much and the trick to it was that I couldn’t see it when I was sitting in the middle of it.

Fear and insecurity – they’re a serious pain in the butt sometimes.

So, what can I do to fix this for the next go-around? Well that’s a fantastic question…

Often repairing a negative mind takes time. In the circles I run, we recommend getting to work fixing what’s wrong inside immediately while taking 72 hours before responding to that which lies outside – this limits the ability to place blame, thereby staunching the knee-jerk reaction to look elsewhere for the remedy.

Put as honestly as I can, the human tendency is to look outside of ourselves for perceived sleights as the cause of our uneasiness. In other words, t’s not my fault life is difficult, it’s their fault, they did this to me!

When I’m right and honest with myself I say nonsense! This is the breeding media for resentment, discontent, unnecessary drama and depression. If I am to lead a happy, good life, I have no room for anything that I have no control over – and that just so happens to be everything outside of the grey matter that rests in my skull.

When I’m not right with myself, when I can finally see that I’ve let the grey matter run a little too wild, I must get to work making myself right or suffer the consequences, as I described above. Recognition takes time and practice, but if I’m constitutionally honest with myself, I’ll see what is in my way.

Now, you may wonder as many acquaintances do, where’s the fun in living a good happy life? When I’m asked, how are you doing, my standard response is, “keeping busy, staying out of trouble”… Where’s the fun in that? I’m an ex-drunk, I’ve had enough trouble for one lifetime.  And the People of the State of Michigan agree – now that’s  a consensus.

Home Restoration Tip of the Day, from and industry pro.

I run a commercial construction company for my day job. Typically I rarely get into residential construction unless it has to do with my home – commercial is much more challenging and exciting as I see it.  The list of codes is much more intricate and buildings are rarely cookie-cutter.

That said, in our little home remodel project, my wife decided that we could no-longer deal with our old, nasty cast iron bath tub. The finish has been rust stained and chipping for years.  We’ve contemplated many remedies but it appeared that, especially around the drain, it was rusted down through the porcelain finish.

My wife, rather than take my advice to hack the thing in two, take it to the recycling center and start fresh with a new tub, did some research into refinishing the existing tub.

We just had it done yesterday and not only did she save us in the neighborhood of $1,000, the tub looks brand spanking new – and it turned out the rust around the drain wasn’t the tub (it was a combination of a cheap drain ring and a cheap water softener). Unfortunately I don’t have any before photos because it was too hideous, but here it is refinished:


We went from what looked like deep rusted mess and a flaking finish (that we covered with a bath mat) to that!

Here are some of the additional benefits to refinishing: No additional construction costs – we won’t have to re-tile or build new walls around a new tub because the chance that we’d find a tub that fit perfectly in that space is somewhere between slim and none. No waste, beyond the removal of the existing finish. Cost effective, that $1,000 savings would have been if I (along with one of my guys) had done the work – and I guarantee, I’m not paying market rates for a plumber, my go-to guy is a multi-talented carpenter. Refinishing helps the small business owner – the company that did ours was a husband and wife team.

Here are the downsides: You can’t use your tub for 24 hours (still much less downtime than a full remod). They recommend not using an anti-slip bath mat because it causes the finish to deteriorate faster (they offered an anti-slip textured finish for another $50 but my wife didn’t like it – after looking at the finished product it doesn’t appear that we’ll have a problem but if it does prove to be too slippery we’ll place a towel on the tub to stand on for traction). The new finish stinks to high heaven! Imagine a permanent marker and multiply that by about a thousand. The removal of the existing finish spread a layer of dust throughout the entire home – if I had known this ahead of time, I’d have tented the area off with visqueen. Clean up wasn’t that big a deal, a few hours, but I could have thought of better ways to spend that time after work.

So that’s the remodel tip of the day. Oh, and forgive the 70’s tile floor in the photo… I cut back the laminate floor so they could run the finish to the tile, I will be putting in a new floor but that was always going to be a part of the overall remodel, so that didn’t “count” in the cost..