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A New Motivational Poster: Politicians…

tumblr_m7u7g9Qt6W1rzpxiwo1_500Image Credit:  Tumblr

What Sweet Hell Is This?! $#!+!!!!

KFC just came out with their chicken, in boneless bite-sized bits… But that’s not all – they team those yummy nuggets WITH THEIR GRAVY?!

Sweet Jesus man, they’re playing dirty now.  To the owner or jackass who came up with this delectable idea: kiss my skinny ass you bastard!  There must be a law written to stop this madness!

Oh, wait… Bloomberg you joke of a nanny, keep you ninny mitts off of KFC!  Dammit what is this world coming to!  Can’t even make a joke anymore without some politician trying to make it into a bullshit cause!