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I Won, I Won!!! Woohoo, I Won!!!

The All Seasons Cyclist held a contest to win a Walz cycling cap.  The entry requirement was to leave a comment explaining why you needed that cap.  I’ve never used a cycling cap but I’ve been very tempted to buy one (I’ve heard they go a long way to keeping the sweat out of your eyes) but my local shop only sells the cotton one’s with the World Champion rainbow on it – wearing that rainbow is said to be a curse unless you’re actually the world champion and it’s my understanding that being the “household champion” doesn’t count.  Also I’ve had a thing about only purchasing cycling equipment from my local shop for some time that could be viewed as a little psycho – while I could save money purchasing things online, Matt and the guys at the shop have gone out of their way to help me enjoy cycling and I feel a debt of gratitude that precludes me saving money elsewhere.

My entry, while historically accurate, was hammed up to the point of ridiculousness with the hope that I’d get a good laugh.  The responses from some of the other contestants, including one who included a concession of defeat to mine in his entry, was awesome…  Seeing that comment, along others from blog friends and others using their entry to “vote” for me, absolutely made my week.  To put a cherry on top, I won!

This spring I’ll be sporting a new cycling cap on Tuesday evenings (if the stinkin’ snow ever melts).  I would like to extend thanks to the All Seasons Cyclist for being tougher than me, which helps battle those “I wanna quit” thoughts, and for putting on the contest.  I would also like to extend my sincerest thankfulness to my blog friends for their support – just reading some of the comments on the announcement that I’d won, let alone the support for my entry, brought an excellent and unexpected feeling of happiness and gratitude to my day.

Thank you.




  1. Cherry says:

    Thank goodness, now you can finally keep that water repellant hair at bay

    • bgddyjim says:

      Indeed! Sadly, I’m not playing loose with the facts with my hair, water beads and runs off of it at first. My mother used to tease me mercilessly about it. Thank you for the kind support as I remember this troubling time in my life. 😉

  2. neonspndx says:


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