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Time To Get Ready For Spring… Weather Cooperation or Not

We’ve got cold and snow for the rest of the week – lows near 20 and highs topping out before 30 but I decided today that I’m not waiting for the weather any longer.  While I won’t be outside riding in this junk I kicked up my spinning workouts into overdrive.  I took things pretty easy last week, mainly because of work, but I feel like I’ve actually gained a little on the fitness front over the winter and I’m not about to lose it.

Today was a five minute warm-up followed by 50 minutes at HR Zone 4 and a five minute cool down.  I can tell you, I was wiped the hell out by the time 40 minutes rolled around but I kept thinking about that two miles that I’m working for on Tuesday nights.  I also read a friend’s post about a DNF and that got me to thinking about my lone CGIO (Couldn’t Gut It Out) from last year.  That was enough to get me through.

I’m really feeling this one…