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Chicken Soup For The Legs: Deuxième Partie

Oh, now that is more like it!

It’s amazing what will pass for a great day for a bike ride after you’ve been cooped up all winter… It was a spot sunny while I was getting my road bike ready for the road and on the way home from the office… Just sunny enough that I was quite giddy to get out.

By the time I’d gotten home the sun tucked behind what looked to be tens of thousands of tightly packed clouds – a glimmer now and again was all that could penetrate them. The wind, which was brisk earlier in the day, picked up considerably, 20 mph steady from the WNW. I didn’t care – with temps finally above freezing there was no way I was sitting at home.

I won’t get too deep into the details, I only went sixteen miles, but into that wind it was tough – and gloriously fun at the same time. I decided early to just take it easy and enjoy the ride. I got stopped at every stop light and stop sign along the way and enjoyed every second. I finished with plenty of legs left.

On a final note on those $150 pro cycling shorts… Worth. Every. Penny.

Chicken Soup For The Legs

The day that I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived; Time to pull the road bike off of the trainer, change the rear tire, give it a wipe down, lube the chain and head for home with her.  Today, with the exception of a possible cold snap, will be the first day of the cycling season (at least for me).  The forecast for the next ten days, with the exception of one day of rain and one cool day, is for sun and 40-50 degrees (F).

I’d be silly to call these ideal conditions, but we’re 27 days later for the start this year and I’m tired of riding on the stinking trainer so while I’d wish for 50+, I’m calling 40+ good enough this year.

This is, of course, none too soon.  This winter, as far as my standards for cycling go (which are quite high by some standards, admittedly), was almost a full two months longer than last winter and it’s got me itchy to get out on the road on the road bike.  I love my mountain bike, but the road bike is so much more comfortable and fast that I find myself missing it unless I’m riding on a trail.

Here’s to hoping for good weather!