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Chicken Soup For The Legs: Deuxième Partie


Oh, now that is more like it!

It’s amazing what will pass for a great day for a bike ride after you’ve been cooped up all winter… It was a spot sunny while I was getting my road bike ready for the road and on the way home from the office… Just sunny enough that I was quite giddy to get out.

By the time I’d gotten home the sun tucked behind what looked to be tens of thousands of tightly packed clouds – a glimmer now and again was all that could penetrate them. The wind, which was brisk earlier in the day, picked up considerably, 20 mph steady from the WNW. I didn’t care – with temps finally above freezing there was no way I was sitting at home.

I won’t get too deep into the details, I only went sixteen miles, but into that wind it was tough – and gloriously fun at the same time. I decided early to just take it easy and enjoy the ride. I got stopped at every stop light and stop sign along the way and enjoyed every second. I finished with plenty of legs left.

On a final note on those $150 pro cycling shorts… Worth. Every. Penny.


  1. Sandra says:

    How could I not like this post of glorious outdoor cycling?!?

  2. Daniel Undem says:

    Gotta admit a tinge jealous that you were able to ride outside today. I had to settle for a trainer ride. I miss riding outside.

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