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Are $150 Cycling Shorts Worth The Money? Addendum 1


I wrote about picking up a new pair of cycling shorts a couple of weeks ago. I got them on sale at my local bike shop so I could justify affording them, though I still spent more on those shorts than I did on my saddle.

I rode all last season on $35 specials, my new shorts retail for $150.

So after my first outdoor ride in them, here’s the skinny:

If you can afford them, they’re worth every penny. If you’re going to get into long rides (100k +), they’re something of a necessity.

With the cheaper shorts, which work great up to 20 or 30 miles, I developed minor hot spots after ten or fifteen miles. These hot spots, after a hundred miles, become raw spots – not bad enough to keep me from riding that far, I just figured the raw spots came with the territory – but I definitely needed a nice stock of Aquaphor to stay on the road. With the expensive shorts there are no hot spots, riding is noticeably more comfortable.

To be clear here, I rode a bit more than 5,000 miles last year and I got along just fine with the cheaper shorts. I enjoyed cycling almost as much as breathing and I certainly plan on putting in just as many miles this year. The only difference will be that I do so more comfortably on the long rides this year. My plan being to use the cheap shorts for training rides less than 50 miles and the expensive shorts for Tuesday club rides and planned rides over 50 miles.

In short, they are that good. if you can afford a pair or two buy them, I can’t imagine you would be disappointed. If you can’t, the cheap one’s work just fine, ride on.

Eventually I’ll get around to picking up a middle of the road pair and comparing the three.


  1. bikevcar says:

    “In short” – clever

  2. Sandra says:

    Thanks for the advice. I had a pair of LLS Team-in-Training shorts that were THE worst shorts. Ever. Sugoi. While they may be a good company, my raw spots convinced me to never buy that brand again! I LOVE my Terry shorts (women’s company, if your readers didn’t know already)

    • bgddyjim says:

      I know the company – I’ll work them in on the next shorts post. Thanks for the reminder… I’m also going to have to pick up a couple of pair for my wife. Thanks.

      • Sandra says:

        I love Terry. . . I hope to do their Wild Goose Chase Ride in October either this year or next October. . . I should shoot for this october–before I hit the big 5-0.

  3. I only wear Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Cycling Shorts — they are comfortable even on Century rides or longer. I used to wear the $30 shorts I bought from The Sports Authority — it was like riding on razor blades after 20 miles.

    • bgddyjim says:

      PI’s are next for me to check out… The wife will be much happier with the price tag on those. I did all of my centuries and a 200 km in the cheapies… Razor blades is an apt description. Never again.

  4. Cherry says:

    I wear discounted shorts at $40 ranges, gotta love Bike Blowout Shows … I wonder what their original prices are. But they are hit & miss, I bought a women-specific pair at a women-specific store. They hurt a lot & they aren’t even comfortable for spinning. Strange, I thought I am considered women.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Interesting… If you want to find out what they retail for, google the make and model… You’ll have your answer. My cheapies are Canari and they retail for $30. They’re good for short distances but hurt like hell over the long haul. The synthetic chamois in the Specialized shorts is much more rigid but infinitely more comfortable.

  5. says:

    Please what makes and models are these shorts you are talking about? I currently use VO2 and muddy fox shorts, they do the job but I’d like to prepare for the centuries 🙂

    Abiodun Adeyemi

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