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36 Miles and a…Bonk? What?!


Never mind the fact that I’ve been riding on a trainer for the last five months, i figured that i’d worked hard enough that I’d just pick up where I’d left off last season. Um, oops.

I went out for a 36 miler (56k give or take) yesterday thinking I had the ride in the bag, easy – last year I’d have chewed that ride out barely breaking a sweat, that was an average weekend training ride. While there’s no doubt I’m in better shape this year going into the season, I am not in riding shape yet and it’s thrown me for a bit of a loop.

So I’ve been able to ride outdoors for the last four days and yesterday’s ride was the longest (by more than double) since last October but I still expected to fly through it. I was doing just fine for the first 28 but I started feeling hungry at about 29 – I’ve been through this enough to know that if I’m feeling hungry on a ride I should have eaten something miles ago. Being all the way across town I figured I’d just roll the best I could until the inevitable happened. At mile 32 the wheels came off and I was reduced to four minute miles heading into a rough wind almost all the way home.

Ah well, it was still fun – 36.2 miles in just a shade over two hours, but I’ve obviously got some work to do.

On a brighter note, I did get to wear my new Specialized RBX Pro cycling shorts on the ride – not one hot spot, no soreness. They’re amazing.


  1. Cherry says:

    I thought I kept it up shape with spinning over the winter …. boy was I wrong as well when I ventured out for some long hauls this weekend.

  2. Amazing what being out in fresh air will do the body. I did 42K yesterday (plan was to do 50K but I ran into snow covered bike path) and it felt great. My feet did get cold from being wet as the bike path had a fair amount of water due to the melting snow. I was covered from head to toe in mud but I felt like a kid that spent the day jumping into puddles. I had planned to go out easy 20km/h but ended up at 24km/h. Bring on drier paths!!!

  3. I rarely ever go on a ride of under 30 miles and I always consume two packages of carb gel per hour — otherwise I’d bonk at the one hour mark.

  4. kruzmeister says:

    You’ve just reminded me why I should not stick to only trainer rides over winter. I did last year for the colder months and suffered a similar fate when I got back out onto the road. This winter I decided as long as it was safe I was going to ride rain, hail or shine, even bought myself some GP4000s tyres that are apparently really good in the wet. – Simone 🙂

    • bgddyjim says:

      Oh, I still ran over the winter – couple of half-marathon’s and the whole nine yards, in addition to the trainer… And the truth must be told – I’d have to drop another $300 in tights and cold weather gear for me to ride comfortably in the colder weather up here (gloves, tights, etc.)… That is a good idea though.

  5. Mark says:

    Riding the trainer is never equal to actually getting out on the trail (or road). Someone else mentioned that it’s better than nothing but I sometimes question the psychological damage it does. 🙂 There’s no joy in bonking.

    I think I found my fix for fitness over the winter in a Salsa Mukluk.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I definitely see your point, but I don’t fear the bonk. I know exactly why I do, this one just surprised me because it happened so soon. 36 miles is a pretty short ride as far as they go and I bumped my spin training up considerably this winter, both in time and speed. In the end it’s no big deal, I just have to put the miles in. Thanks for leaving the comment.

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