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Running Club Begins Again In Five… Four…

One of my favorite aspects of in-season fitness is our ad-hoc running club. We have a core group of about ten or twelve that shows up every Saturday morning like clockwork to get our big weekend fix in. Our benefactor, who goes by the name Grateful Jim and his wife have put up with our invasion of their home every Saturday, from spring through fall, for longer than I’ve been running (going on 12 years now for me, they’ve been doing this for decades methinks). They wouldn’t describe it as an invasion, they’ve expressed regular gratitude in our coming out to the house and feeding a bunch of fit (and on the way to being fit) semi-athletes. They ask my wife and I to bring the girls out with us so they can swim in the lake during the week (and we gladly, thankfully oblige) and are the most gracious, generous people I know. I pray on a regular basis that I can carry on the tradition, to follow their example, should they decide to retire their home – they’re that good to us.

So we will begin our new regular Saturday meetings this coming weekend, the one true ‘green’ thing I do in a normal week by riding my bike instead of driving to the club. This year may prove to be very different too as my daughter has asked to ride down with me – so I imagine a couple of times a month I’ll hook up the buggy to the back of the goat for my youngest and ride down to the club, the three of us (maybe four if Mrs, Bgddy decides to join us).

We’ll hang out with all of our friends, be treated to a fantastic lunch, and get our ride, run, swim and ride on, as we do. I can’t wait for the new season to start.


Seven… Six… Five… Four…