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The Best Sucky Ride Evah…

The weather report called for a 10% chance of rain with temps in the mid 50’s (F). Actually they were half right, for once. It didn’t rain… The temperature on the other hand was nowhere near 50.

Mrs. Bgddy and I went out with English Pete and his wife for a spectacular dinner last night. Hawaiian shrimp, salad, fresh bread, garlic smashed potatoes and a delectable 14 oz. New York strip steak, followed by gourmet coffee and a turtle cheesecake that was out of this world. In other words, there was no way I was skipping a decent ride today.

The day started off pretty well, the sun shown, the light dusting of frost melted quickly away but sadly the temps only ever got up to the high 30’s. After a great breakfast and a nap I stuck my head out the door to gauge the temp…and got dressed for the worst. Being so cold I didn’t concern myself with speed so much as just getting some good miles in. I put my cleat covers in my back pocket next to a Clif bar, turned on my Endomondo and stuck my phone in my other back pocket so I wouldn’t hear or look at it, clipped in and hit the road.

The first ten were into a fairly easy breeze before I turned west into a cross-headwind. Unfortunately the skies were darkening up pretty quickly. At 18 miles I hung a right, north and with the breeze at my back I took to making some time up. By mile 19 the brilliance of the Weather Channel became evident… It didn’t, as a matter of fact, rain. It began to sleet. Ah yes, once again to be pelted about the face with sleet.

I ended up cutting off about six miles to get out of the weather but still ended up with 29 miles just over an hour and a half or an average of 18 mph – more than enough to work off yesterday’s indulgence. It could have been a more enjoyable ride but lately, with the weather as it is, beggars shouldn’t be picky – and I wasn’t. The only thing that really bummed me out was that it was so cold I never really warmed up. I did stay dry though and I was absolutely overjoyed to get out.