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When I Have $3,300…

Specialized VengeThe last several posts in this “series” were entitled:  If I Had “x” Dollars.  This one’s a little different in that I won’t be waiting to pull the trigger on this one (probably next year depending on when I start wearing components out on my Trek).

I hate to switch from Trek to Specialized because I really do like Trek bikes, but this one can’t be passed…



So What To Do – The Worst April In Years…

I rode 40 miles last week, just 40 miles. Last April I put in 501 miles – so far this month, half way through the month, I’ve accumulated all of 112 miles. It’s enough to really piss a guy off, this isn’t for a lack of want-to. The weather so far has just been miserable and I’ve been so busy at work I’ve been stuck with afternoon/evening rides. This does not bode well for the start of what was looking to be a fantastic year – I’m way behind last year now after I was well ahead through the winter.

Checking the ten-day forecast yesterday was no consolation either, continued cold, rain and generally crappy. On the way into the office early this morning though, something changed! We’ve got sun and evening showers today but the highs are scheduled for the mid-60’s, almost 70! Tomorrow we’ve got am showers but temps are supposed to rise into the 60’s again as it clears in the afternoon. We’ll hit a short cooling spell afterwards before temps moderate again for the weekend – all welcome signs. So it’s right back at it this afternoon. Things are starting to moderate a little bit at work and things are starting to look much, much better – and none too soon as I’ve only got two weeks to get ready for my first long ride of the season.

Finally it looks as though spring has sprung around here and I couldn’t be happier. It’s time to get busy.

UPDATE: I took advantage of the warm weather for my first ride sans jacket, full finger gloves, hat and foot covers today… Now that’s what I’m talking about – I had more fun that a fella should be allowed to have with his clothes on.