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Daily Archives: April 20, 2013

The Movie, The Bucket List…

Why this movie only got one star, I’ll never know. I loved it.

When Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are in Egypt, looking at the pyramids… The second question: Have you brought joy to the lives of others?

This wasn’t as hard for me to answer as it was Jack’s character.

I am not perfect but I am a good man. I come off as arrogant to those who don’t know me because of two things: I don’t do self-flagellation and I do think highly of myself, though no more than is fair (sue me). Once people do know me, they find that I’m just a normal fella like everyone else – it’s not that I’m arrogant, I just like myself and that’s hard for some to take.

So I laughed and enjoyed much of yesterday with my wife. I skipped my ride because of 50 mph winds, cold temps and flurries. I took my ladies to dinner and then we came home and watched the final movie in the Harry Potter series, during which my youngest fell asleep, head on my shoulder.

Every now and again she would shift and wrap her arms around me. A few minutes later she’d roll back and repeat the process. After my oldest and my wife went to bed we stayed on the couch and slept there much of the night.

I woke up early, after only a few hours of sleep. I’d like to think my little girl will remember snuggling up on the couch with her dear old dad, I’d like to think that I brought her joy… But if I didn’t it’ll be okay because she gets to cross that item off her list at six years old and that’s good enough.