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Holy Smokes, I Need A Day Off!!!

Well by hook or by crook I’ve actually managed to put a few miles in over the last ten days. I’ve ridden or run seven of the last eight days and I’m actually… Tired!?

Last week was my first hundred mile week since last October and I’m actually feeling it a little bit. Of course this is my fault. Yesterday, being the nicest, sunniest, decent day of the year, was supposed to be just an easy recovery ride… Sunday was another of my fun duathlons: 22.5 mile ride followed by rollerblading with the wife and kids… I skated for an hour, probably around 12 or 13 more miles, and I was tuckered out.

Just four problems for yesterday’s ride: Temperature, 63 degrees (warm enough to ditch the damned tights). Sunny, gloriously clear skies. Breeze, note that word is not wind. Time, plenty of it for a fantastic ride…

I clipped in and managed to keep a 15 mph pace for all of a tenth of a mile (pretty far by my standards)… I ended up at 22 by the time the mile was up. I followed the first mile up with a 2:57, a 2:50 and a 2:45 – one with a tail wind the rest with a cross breeze. Daddy’s legs are back (it was obviously the cold).

Wisdom finally caught up and I managed to dial it back to 3:15’s give or take. That’s when I noticed my rear shift lever sticking a bit… I had a couple of more 3 minute miles and then pulled it in to the bike shop just after mile ten. The problem was a stuck cable cover so Walter, Matt’s main mechanic changed it out in less than ten minutes, including a new 5mm sheath instead of the stock 4 (which, by the way, made the Ultegra Derailleur’s shifting even more responsive. I pretty much just took it easy on the way back enjoying the warmth and the fact that I was comfortable in my shorts and a light long sleeved shirt – and fingerless gloves for crying out loud!. Although I’d bet that motorists probably didn’t appreciate my hi-viz legs too much.

Afterwards I changed around, took out the garbage, cleaned my chain, cassette and chain rings then played softball with my daughter until dinner was ready (kid can hit!).

My wife put together a fantastic spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread dinner… After having my fill I sat down on the couch for a minute and that’s when my muscles let out a collective groan. I’m beat. Fifteen minutes on the couch and I took my wonderful fishes to swim class…

Thankfully, they’re calling for rain tomorrow afternoon so I won’t have to miss out on any sunshine. Many of my fitness friends talk about ‘listening to their body’… Well mine usually has to get pretty belligerent before I’ll listen and the expletives came out this evening so it’s time to comply. It’s one of those things… You yell, Shut It Legs and they smile up at you and reply, Kiss It Punk, we’re out. Not too many ways to argue with that.

On the other hand, my God did I sleep well! Woohoo!