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Which Fit Tracking Software Do You Use?


April 2013

In preparation for a post about a very serious subject I am looking for a little help from my fit friends who use fitness tracking software.  Rather than try each of the different apps out myself to work that into my post, I’m hoping I can simply use your experience with your favorite app to make my conclusions.

Now, with most trackers, they take weight into account and if they are like Endomondo, they factor that into their calorie burning equation.  This shouldn’t be a problem for what I’m looking at so don’t worry about it if you don’t want to get that descriptive.  Also, if yours is anything like Endomondo they factor speed in as well.  This will be an important factor.

Here’s what I would like to know (please leave a comment or email me at BDJ[dot]fitrecovery[at]gmail[dot]com):

Which fitness tracking app do you use?

Which type of cycling?  Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Hybrid, Commuter or running etc.

How many calories does it say you burn per mile during a ride or run?

What was the average speed for the ride or pace for the run?  (or simply give me the distance, average speed and the calories burned and I’ll do the math – and preferably a long-ish ride 20 miles plus or minimum 5 km for a run).

I appreciate the help in advance.  Thank you.


  1. and for the win!

  2. IowaTriBob says:

    I almost exclusively use my Garmin 310XT watch (with HR monitor and foot pod for the run as well as CycleOps power meter for the bike) and upload the data to Garmin Connect as well as Training Peaks for my coach to track. I personally like Garmin’s site better as it lets me easily compare multiple workouts together to see my progress or areas I still need to work on. The one downside of the Garmin site is you have to use a Garmin watch or computer which some won’t have.

    When setting up my profile it asks for weight as well as max HR and FTP power as it will use those in figuring out training scores as well as calories burned.

    For a 7:30 min/mile run (over a 5k) it says I burn ~120 calories per mile.

    For a 20-21 mph bike ride (over a 20 mile course) it says I burn ~40 calories per mile.

  3. I use runkeeper as my primary and Garmin connect as by secondary.

    Here are a couple of samples of my runs:

    Here are a couple of sample of my Dual Sport bike:

    Here are couple of sample of my road bike:

    I use a Garmin 305 or 310XT

  4. Invest in a Garmin. You can upload it to just about anywhere. I’m never sure how accurate the calorie burn is, but it ranges between 40-50 per mile on the bike depending on elevation gain and speed.

  5. Laura says:

    I recently picked up a Garmin with a heartrate monitor. Then I used it on my commute because weight-based tracking pegs each way around 700 calories (16mi). Discovered the way in to work is only 400 calories because it’s downhill … and closer to 800 on the way home because it’s uphill. Makes sense really. But the only data input that changed the outcome was my heartrate. So if you can connect your favorite app to an HR monitor you will have the most accurate data.

  6. kruzmeister says:

    I used to use the Nike+ app for running and the Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro app for cycling (and still do for shorter rides on new trails so I can use the map function in case I get lost). I ended up buying the Garmin 910xt as it has a 20 hour battery life on a charge where as my longest possible ride on the iPhone app was 3 hours before the battery died. I have found my calorie burn equates differently with nearly every app I’ve tried. As far as functions and stats go, I found the runtastic apps great, but the Garmin Connect software is excellent, and it can be uploaded onto BeginnerTriathlete and other training sites (as mentioned above).

  7. Adam C. Henderson says:

    I use MapMyRide via my iPhone. I’ve heard a lot of people poo poo it, but have found it to be quite good. It will integrate with a heart rate or cycling monitor, allows me to map rides or pull in maps from friends. It will play music from iTunes through MMR (saving battery). I like the wide variety of activities it will map. I often map rides and walks and log stationary cycling. I don’t put a whole lot of faith in the calorie counter unless I’m using my heart monitor, but I feel this is the cast with any of these. Without real-time monitoring it is basically guess work.

  8. Katy says:

    I only cycle and I use Strava with my Garmin 310XT. I don’t really analyze my stats though.

  9. andygis33 says:

    I’ve been using Garmin products for the last few years. This year it’s the Edge 500 for cycling and the 910xt for running / swimming. I echo Bob’s comments that the Garmin Connect software online is very useful for analyzing activities. I have separate heart rate zones for running and cycling derived from threshold test done over a year ago (probably should re-test soon). I’m 5’9″, 145ish lbs, although I think I have 150lbs in the Garmin.

    Calorie burns vary quite a bit. Last week I did a group ride 42.6 miles in 2:09, ~ 19.9 avg. I says I burned 1178 calories for an average burn of 27.6 calories per mile. During the ride I had some decent pulls, but I also sat in the draft a bit too. My average HR for the ride was mid-zone 2 (out of 5).
    Yesterday I went out my myself to the local TT course for my first attempt of the year. The ride out to the course was a little about 20 mph avg but a little higher heart rate than the group ride, 31.9 calories per mile. I completed the 14.48 mile TT loop in 38:04, 22.8 avg, 510 calories, heart rate was steady in mid-zone 4. 35.2 calories per mile, but I was also traveling at a faster rate. The ride back home was mostly with the wind and I was cooling down, so my heart rate was solidly in zones 1 and 2. 7.83 miles with 19.8 avg, 16.9 calories per mile.

    During a zone 2 run at 7:30 / mile, burn is right around 100 calories per mile. Zone 3 or 4 at 6:30 / mile, it goes up to 110.

    Lap Swimming:
    I have no idea how this thing computes calories during the swim, but It seems pretty set on the fact that I burn 18.6 calories / 100 yards. For any given swim session I’ll average 1:30 to 1:35 per 100.

  10. Daniel Undem says:

    been using Garmin connect for a number of years and love it. Helps that I use a garmin 310 to log all my workouts and since I’m inherently lazy I like the interface between the gps and the tracking software. I use it primarily for road cycling and running (when I used to run quite a bit). I don’t really ever look at the calories burned so I can’t comment here. Overall, really happy using this software and I’ve almost all of them out there, this one wins hands down for me.

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