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View From The Running Club

April 2013

This was my view as I ate lunch down at my buddy, Jim’s house (aka the running club) on Saturday. If it gets any better than this you’ll have to pinch me so I can be sure I’m not dreaming.


Today proved to be way too nice, I couldn’t fight the urge to ride. My MTB buddy Tim showed up on his bike so after he ran around the lake (5k exact) we went out for a nice 11 mile tool about town, then I rode home (20.7 mph avg for the first 10!!!) for a grand total of 35 miles for the day. I did make sure to eat right after so I should be good for tomorrow’s 100k. Not smart, but what’s a guy to do? If you’re going to expect extraordinary things from your body, you actually have to make it do extraordinary things… Works for me.

Oh, and to give you an idea of just how nasty this spring has been…


I’ve never, in all of the years I’ve been coming out here, seen the any of the docks under water.


  1. Cherry says:

    I think I have the same Specialized leg warmers as you. Enjoy your 100k tomorrow.

  2. CultFit says:

    Awesome view, Spring is finally here … I hope.

  3. kruzmeister says:

    Good luck with your 100K tomorrow Jim. Look forward to reading about it! – Simone

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