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Well, spring was nice while it lasted…


April 2013

Well spring arrived last week and will be making it’s exit today to make way for summer. I’m back to it in full swing again… I went from 40 or 50 miles (cold, rain and crap) a week to almost 150 miles last week and my every-other-Tuesday club ride starts in earnest again this evening…

So I’m sleeping soundly, in dreamland, and I find myself in some nondescript mountainous region on a cycling vacation and I got dropped because of a seat post issue… A seat post issue that began the dream before!!!

I tried to catch up for a couple of miles but took a wrong turn… And that’s when I woke up, stinkin’ two hours early, covered in sweat and I can’t fall back to sleep.

Ah, my first cycling dream of the season… Woohoo!!! Cycling season’s here!!! By the way, I didn’t mention that I wore shorts and a summer jersey yesterday for my ride yesterday!

It’s all good baby!


  1. kruzmeister says:

    Lol loving the cycling dream!

  2. IowaTriBob says:

    Agree spring was nice while it lasted but looks like we are heading the wrong direction later this week with high temps back down in the 40’s with lows in the 30’s… I guess the toe covers still live on for the year.

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