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Sixteen days in a row and…

Yesterday was my sixteenth day in a row riding, running or both, without a break.  For about two days my legs have felt like hammered ass for the first two miles before they finally loosen up and I can get to motoring.

I absolutely gutted out a 20 mph ride Wednesday after getting home and just wanting to take a nap.  I should have stuck with a simple 17.5 recovery ride but I just couldn’t help myself.  Yesterday I felt a lot better but kept it easy with a fun 18 mph spin.  Same story, starting out my legs looked up at me and shouted, “you jerk“, but I felt better mid-way through the second mile… By the time I got back I wanted to go around the block again.

Kind of funny how that works, eh?  Well today has the makings of a day off and tomorrow is only looking mildly better, we’re finally getting some rain. Now, we all know you’re not supposed to ride every day and one of my English blog-brothers believes he’s even faster for not being able to ride as much. So this is my ongoing conundrum (not really)… I love riding for at least an hour every day.  It melts the stress off like nothing I know, not quite as good as a big hug and a kiss from the wife and kids after a long day but it is awesome.  On the other hand, I also have a little of the competitive performance bug so I want to be able to ride fast too, I just haven’t been able to figure out how to make both of those work together, at least very well.

Through the whole winter I’d sit in my office and spin for an hour a day, four days a week, wishing I could be outside. I spent hours last year trying to get my bike set-up just right and I’m finally there… Everything is right – except that it’s not raining enough for me to get a day off.  Now in my world this is a good problem to have, but why?  Why not take a break every now and again, they’re good for you, right?

Well the skinny has two parts and another blogger’s post really simplified this answer for me just a few minutes ago:

1.  I truly, thoroughly love riding my bike.  It puts a smile on my face, it just is what it is so I’m not going to take a perfectly good day off.

2.  I know I have the capacity to be lazy and kick it on the couch – I did it for years.  On top of that, 200 pounds, double chin and a dickie-do are only a few days off and a few more bad decisions away.

So I’ll struggle on as I go, pedaling down that road of happy destiny.