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Dead Tired But Surprisingly Spry…

My daughters started softball last week so we’re off to practice from 6:30 – 8:00 Monday thru Thursday. I’ve got Monday, Wednesday and Thursday while Mrs. Bgddy is taking Tuesday. This may seem like a lopsided deal for me, but you wouldn’t be me.

I played a lot of ball as a kid and as I was a little better than average but I could have been good if I’d have put the time in. This is partly why I put so much into cycling. I don’t want to have to be 95 looking back on my 40’s wishing I’d have put the effort into that too.  Now, with baseball I know a lot of really neat things and I know how the game is played so being able to pass that on to my girls is really quite the dream come true – in other words, working with my girls at practice is some kind of awesome.  In addition, being free on Tuesday nights allows me to ride with the club every week instead of every other week… That’s what I call a win-win in my world.

Last night was the youngest’s night and I always bring my mitt to play catch with the one who isn’t in practice… So I was perfectly happy to step up when the coach asked for volunteers to catch for the girls so they could all have pitching practice at the same time.  There my 42-year-old butt was in the catchers stance for the first time in roughly 25 years. I expected for this to hurt, especially catching for a six year-old girl who wasn’t exactly what one could call accurate.  No, I was digging them out of the dirt and jumping up to catch balls that would have been over my had if I’d been standing up. Over and over again. So I’m sitting there, doing my best to help this little girl out, offering encouragement and praise rather than critiquing her mistakes (I think that’s how it works with girls – not quite lying, but tip-toe around the emotions… A lot different from boys, that’s for sure). Anyway, I truly expected to wake up this morning destroyed – sore back, sore legs, sore knees, etc. – you know, feeling old.  I shouldn’t be surprised anymore when my fitness outweighs my age but I almost always am.

This morning I feel fantastic. I don’t have that “oh, I’m not twenty-two any more” feeling and I was very much expecting it.  There are limits of course, I’m not 20 anymore, but I’ll be darned if being fit doesn’t allow me to get away with a lot.  On the other hand it must be stated:  I didn’t exactly have a tough time falling asleep last night.