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Bike Repair App: A Life Saver, an illustration

I’m not exactly a whizz around bike components and adjustments. I know just enough to be dangerous so when we picked up my oldest daughter’s new Trek mountain bike last night and she rode it for the first time she says, “daddy, my chain is rubbing” I got to thinking that I was in trouble… Upon looking at the front derailleur, the cage alignment was all wrong and it’s simply way too close to the frame to allow the proper use of the gears. Now, my first thought is to mess with the “h” & “l” screws to get it back to square. My second thought was, “wait – you’re not supposed to mess with those screws, bad things will happen”.

So I run in the house, grab my iPhone and pull up Bike Repair under Front Derailleur…


Sure enough, my second thought was right on – I am an idiot (knowing you’re stupid is half the battle)… I click on height and angle adjustment, follow the steps and her bike is perfectly adjusted in five minutes.


The steps, though the English is a bit tortured from time to time, are simple to follow and the pictures make it virtually impossible to screw anything up.

If you want to be able to fix anything from minor to major problems but don’t know your butt from a hole in the ground when it comes to repairing bikes, this app is indispensable.