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A Fantastic Question… How To Make Lycra Fit!

So the question has been posed by a peruser of my blog (in the form of a search topic): How do you make Lycra fit?

The answer can be very complex if you magically want to change nothing and look in the mirror and not be bummed out, I don’t have the answer for that because there is no such thing.  Not only are you looking for a unicorn, you’re looking for a unicorn that shits golden eggs.  On the other hand, it can be very simple if you actually want to make the Lycra fit…

Five thousand miles on a bike give or take, most of them in your fat burning zone (2) and a sensible diet.

That’s it.  If you want your Lycra to fit better ride 5,000 miles in a year (1 hour, four days a week and 2 hours each day on the weekend) and make sure you have a caloric daily deficit of at least 500 (BMR – 500).  Run and/or ride a trainer through the winter (1/2 hour four days a week + a weekend run). Rinse and repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Now, if you’ve only got 5-15 to drop, don’t worry so much about the deficit…  As long as you don’t do the activity reward/inspired “pig-outs” (I know, easier said than done), your legs (and, um, other things) will be news worthy in less than a season.

It’s not rocket science even if some like to make it seem that way.

There’s a simple rule at work here, and I use this logic daily:  If you’re not willing to put in the effort you’d be better off heading over to the donut shop and asking someone to lie to you.

You’ve Gotta Give It Away To Keep It…

One of the most important lessons a person learns in recovery is that you have to give it away (freely) to keep it.  Well that applies to fitness also as far as I’m concerned.  At our running club we take that to the next level, and then some though.  With my girls this can get a little bit difficult though.  I want to be a tough dad but not a jerk, so finding the proper balance between pushing and hugging is a rather interesting balancing act.  We are a bike riding family but my girls get stuck on the number of miles.  The eldest will do five without whining but eight is looked at as some cruel form of torture.  The youngest is all over the map.  I thought she was stuck on three’s (five definitely brought on the complaints) but then she surprised me the other day when she wanted to extend our normal three miler.

IMG_2294 IMG_2295 IMG_2296Sunday we tried the five-mile out and back again.  As you can see, it was absolutely a perfect day.  Warm, low 80’s, mild breeze and simply fantastic.  I let the girls go with Gatorade in their water bottles rather than water as an incentive but we only made it two miles before the, “daddy, when do we turn around” questions started from the youngest.  The elder was pretty much a trooper throughout – first she normally is, but she was riding her brand new Trek mountain bike so I think she was even a little more accepting than usual.

After the ride we headed down to Brighton (Michigan) to my brother-in-law’s restaurant, the Wooden Spoon for my mom’s retirement party and an incredible early dinner.  If you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods, check his place out – the food is so good I simply don’t have the vocabulary to describe it – put it this way:  For those who have followed my blog for any length of time, you know I don’t do vegetarian…  He made vegetarian pizza the other day that was so good I had three slices and I’d have had a fourth if I didn’t have to leave some for the rest of the party.

On arriving home, we went on another ride together – our normal three-mile loop.  It was a great way to cap the weekend and I’m passing on my joy to my babies (who aren’t babies any more).