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A Fantastic Question… How To Make Lycra Fit!


May 2013

So the question has been posed by a peruser of my blog (in the form of a search topic): How do you make Lycra fit?

The answer can be very complex if you magically want to change nothing and look in the mirror and not be bummed out, I don’t have the answer for that because there is no such thing.  Not only are you looking for a unicorn, you’re looking for a unicorn that shits golden eggs.  On the other hand, it can be very simple if you actually want to make the Lycra fit…

Five thousand miles on a bike give or take, most of them in your fat burning zone (2) and a sensible diet.

That’s it.  If you want your Lycra to fit better ride 5,000 miles in a year (1 hour, four days a week and 2 hours each day on the weekend) and make sure you have a caloric daily deficit of at least 500 (BMR – 500).  Run and/or ride a trainer through the winter (1/2 hour four days a week + a weekend run). Rinse and repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Now, if you’ve only got 5-15 to drop, don’t worry so much about the deficit…  As long as you don’t do the activity reward/inspired “pig-outs” (I know, easier said than done), your legs (and, um, other things) will be news worthy in less than a season.

It’s not rocket science even if some like to make it seem that way.

There’s a simple rule at work here, and I use this logic daily:  If you’re not willing to put in the effort you’d be better off heading over to the donut shop and asking someone to lie to you.

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