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A Weekend On The Fat Tire Bike…

May 2013

We’re up at the in-law’s house for a much needed long weekend vacation. The cool thing about this is that they live in the middle of nowhere so we packed up the kids’ bikes too and we’ll be going for family rides on mostly deserted roads all weekend long. Unfortunately the Middle of Nowhere, Michigan doesn’t have paved roads so we’re playing on the fat-tire bikes and while temperatures are forecast lower than normal, we will have plentiful sunshine. In other words, it’ll be perfect for long bike rides. The only questions will be how far, how long and how many hills… Oh yes, the hills. The one awesome thing about the Middle of Nowhere, Mi is that they have real hills.

So that’s how this weekend is going to stack up – lots of sunshine, bike rides and softball practice with the girls… And a semi-break from work. Sounds like heaven on earth to me.




  1. Real hills sound great! Harder work but lovely to look at 🙂

  2. Cherry says:

    Fat tires on a hill? now that’s some loaded weight against gravity! enjoy!

  3. Sandra says:

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Daniel Weise says:

    Being from Michigan, I have to ask how far Norht, Middle of Nowhere is? (used to live near Detroit and had a house near Alpena) Looks like it was a great weekend for some fat tire bike riding! Wish I was there!


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