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Sometimes things just don’t work out the way I think they should…

Yesterday was planned to be a hotbed of excitement. Cool, but decent weather, long bike rides, lots of food including burgers for dinner, Dairy Queen and finally, a figure-eight race at the local fairgrounds… In my world it doesn’t get any better than that – and that’s before a line of cars drives around in an “8” smashing into each other.

Let’s see, long bike rides – uh, not quite, two shortish rides make a decent 21 miles on the FTB (fat tire bike) but that sure isn’t “long”. Decent weather, check. Lots of food, well it was ‘a lot for me’, check (though my step-father-in-law ran out of grill gas so we had to fry them to finish cooking the burgers – yuk!). Played catch with my oldest daughter and my wife – catch, ground ball drills, pop-fly drills, check. Dairy Queen, check. Repeat after me, …have come to understand that we are powerless against an Oreo Cheesequake Blizzard… We get to the fairgrounds a few minutes before the start…and it’s a mud bog, not a figure-eight. Well crap.

There was a go-cart center just up the road and my eldest wanted to trade the mud bog for a ride on a go-cart. After the kid behind the counter asked me to rip my arm out of the socket and hand it to him as a down payment on the tickets ($14 for my wife and daughter – for about 3 minutes of racing) I set to videotaping the event. And just laughed my butt off as my nine-year-old daughter took the inside track on most of the corners to fend my wife off (even if she screwed up the first three laps and went blazing through the pits instead of staying on the course (not good!). We laughed and played and I paid… And had a perfect day.

Today? Round 2!



So here’s my unvarnished spin on shit and sunshine… Sometimes shit stinks and seems to stick to everything. Rarely do things turn out the way I want or plan them to. Now, if I’m going to enjoy my time on this rock, if I turn into a bitch every time things don’t how i think they should, I’m going to miss a whole lot of fun. Sometimes you’ve gotta fire down a gnarly burger, baby.

Now, if I could just remember this when shit gets really hectic…